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Flappy Bird Bot

Flappy Bird Bot is a little robot to play the crazy game. We spent 4 days to finish a prototype just for fun.

Smart Cube

Smart Cube is wireless storage solution which support applications. Smart Cube supports your devices (e. g. computer, tablet, smartphone, smartTV, game box etc.) to use the data very easily.

Smart Cube has a small body with large storage. There is a battery inside, the battery supports Smart Cube transferring data for hours. Wherever you are, you can control your data easily. Smart Cube can be connected by two ways, wireless and USB.

Smart Cube can sync data with multiple devices. It is very useful for managing photos from family members’s smartphone. Smart Cube also can connect with other Smart Cube peer to peer. It is a better way to share document without extra device.

Smart Cube has an application market. it allows users to browse and download applications developed with the Smart Cube SDK. The app market will open up almost unlimited possibilities for the future of Smart Cube.


Since 2009,   we develop and maintain social network websites.
Since 2011,   we design and develop mobile applications.
Since 2012,   we study open source hardware and make some prototype.
2013,   we founded Cloud-Tea Studio to focus on the interdisciplinary of Web, App and Hardware.

Shi Xuekun

Manager & Designer

Liu Yang



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